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The Special Edition Grumpy Cat puppet is available now! Order Here:


The Special Edition Grumpy Cat puppet is available now! Order Here:

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THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!! It’s so helpful! *flails*

"Who says you can’t drink coffee in the evening?? Blah!!"

"It’s yummy!! You can’t stop my coffee time!"


The kid was cute; she had to give him that. Carefully she crouched to his level, resting her arms on her knees in an attempt to stay balanced. "Well, you might not believe this... but I'm actually an android." Not that it was really a big secret of hers… still, its mentioning usually had mixed reactions. "My creator coded and built a lot of different senses for me, but not all of them work perfectly just yet."

The small boy looked at her in awe, jaw dropped, before smiling big and giggling. “That is so neat!!! I’ve never met someone like you before!” He’d only heard of androids and robots from movies and stories. He never knew that they actually existed! If Leonardo da Vinci were still around, the small Italian was sure the brush wielding inventor would make androids. “Hehe wow! So, when will food work for you all the way?” Then he began to wonder how in the world how food disappeared from her.


"It's not that I can't, but I shouldn't... it kind of just sits there." Either way, she pops the candy into her mouth, contemplating its flavor. “… it’s… it’s really good…”

He smiled a little bit and was glad that she liked it. But he couldn’t help but be curious about her. “Why does it do that? How come it doesn’t go anywhere?”

"I talked to Holy Rome last week. It was really weird. He kept saying crazy things that didn’t make sense! It actually worried me."


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"I'm not really supposed to be eating things like this..."

"... although maybe one piece will be forgiveable..."

He tilted his head curiously while breaking off a piece and handing it to her. “Why can’t you eat candy?”

coppercoded replied to your post “Look what I found! German candy!”

"Is it good?"

"Si! Very much so! Would you like to try some?"

"Look what I found! German candy!"