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Flying kitten

  • "Hey, you're small— climb up there for me."
  • "Is the weather different down there?"
  • "It's actually adorable how tiny you are."
  • "You'd make a good arm rest."
  • "You're like an elf."
  • "You're so short!"

Just a little update here.

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I’m just so grateful for the fact that holytalia is canon.


マカロニ【合作】 by 卯月ことり

Permission to repost given by artist.

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Imagine your icon singing any song your thinking about


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[[ A whole bunch of selfies from when my friend ( pocoitalia) came to visit and I forgot to put them up.  I’m trying to clear up space on my phone. xD 

In case you were wondering about the first pic, my friend and I were Fem!Austria and Prussia and she fell asleep on my shoulder while we were on tinychat. Yes, my makeup was all smeared

3rd pic- Waiter!England ( ask-that-fit-brit) with my dog]]

((XD I fell asleep! Everyone is cute here, even Chuchi! <3 That was so fun. I hope to see you guys again very soon! *hugs*))

The only purpose of the holytalia tag is to make me cry tears of joy and sadness.